I wanted to thank you personally for an amazing job you and your team did here at Mirixa Corp Reston, VA.  From the planning stage, to design, through to completion, I was thoroughly impressed with you, your team and your company.   If I had to sum it up ‘TKO went above and beyond my expectations’.

The current inventory tracking and estimation of additional workstations and equipment was extremely precise.  I was amazed at how everything came together.  The team you sent onsite to do the job was friendly and very professional at all times. They were quick to work through barriers that they came across and very accommodating with on the spot changes to the plan.  They worked faster and harder than any contractor I’ve seen in my professional career and finished the job ahead of schedule. 

“Just a short note to thank one of your crew members who jumped into helping us complete a security job last Friday afternoon.  “Captain” Kurt was walking near the 1st floor break room when he observed us working on a security job.  Without hesitation, he asked if he could help and with his expertise we successfully completed this job.  So, on behalf of all of us in the Security Dept, thanks.”

 “On behalf of the men and women, who comprise the Monroe county Deputy Sheriff’s Association, as well as the Sheriff’s Office Association of Retirees, I would like to express our appreciation to you and your crew for the assistance rendered in obtaining office furniture from ESL.

 As non-profit organizations with limited resources, we would not otherwise be able to obtaining the desks, chair, files, etc., Donated by ESL and released with your assistance.”

“Your company recently completed the move of our LPN school in Warsaw, NY.  I cannot say enough positive things regarding the team that moved us.  When I checked your references, overwhelmingly, I heard that your business was customer friendly.  I found this to be absolutely true.  The team did everything possible to help our move go well.   I feel we were well prepared regarding the procedures to follow in anticipation of the actual moving day.  I do no think the move could have gone any better.  I knew we at Stuben Allegany BOCES had hired the right company when on moving day I asked what I could do to help.  The reply was “drink coffee, eat donuts and smile – We’ll do it all!””.

“Just a word of thanks, the crew did a great job finishing up Friday night.  This went so well in Milwaukee that there were no issues this morning and my client is up and functioning at full speed.  Thanks for all your support and your attention to detail.”

 “Thank you for a very successful project at the Cessna Airport, in Newburgh, NY.  As you know this project was on a very tight time frame and budget.  I appreciate you working with us on the phasing and scheduling of all the trades.  To renovate and re-finish an entire building in two weeks time is amazing, not to mention without any downtime to the end users.  Coordinating the renovation and furniture installations had to be seamless for the success of this project and your organization made this happen.

 Usually with a scope of this magnitude there are several punch items with the building materials such as carpet, vct, ceramic tile, paint wall covering etc. I was amazed that our punch list only had a couple furniture related items but none due to the renovation of the building.  Amazing….

 Spaces Inc/evologic has completed projects in 42 + states but non as successful as this /  TKO’s professionalism and expertise is by far the best I’ve seen in the industry.  Thanks for keeping this project under budget, no downtime to the end users and completing the project on time and working with us on such a short time line.  I enjoyed the experience and look forward to working with you and TKO in the future.”

Turn Key unloaded the furniture on Monday morning at 8am and this afternoon I did a final walk-through. UNBELIEVABLE!

I can't begin to tell you how amazing these guys are to work with.  Total professionalism and a work ethic that surpasses most.  I have never been a part of a project that has gone so well.  I will recommend these guys to everyone.  Talk about ahead of schedule, they killed it.  The communications between everyone involved was something I have never experienced before.  A total class act.

Vince:  to you and your team, thank you so much!!!!!

I recently did a survey for Metro's experience with the reconfigure process - and of course I gave everyone outstanding!  But I did also want to mention something regarding TKO - and I didn't know where to send it.

All of TKO's efforts were truly appreciated.  The guys are all always nice and courteous and very helpful to anyone they encounter.  They also accomplished A LOT of my in house items that didn't necessarily fall under the reconfiguration.  Even with all the extra stuff and our ever changing plans.... they were still complete ahead of time.

 As I said in my Paychex survey.... This process "seemed" really easy.  Maybe because we've done it all before.... but I think it has a lot to do with the fact that we have all worked with each other in the past and I think it just worked really well.

 Thank you again for all your efforts!  Have a great weekend.

Thank you for all your assistance, professionalism and patience working with us on our multiple moves.  I realize what a large undertaking this was and appreciate your expertise in streamlining it for us.  We would definitely recommend and work with TKO again!

As an FYI, your company came highly recommended by Gwen and other InstallNET PM’s. Apparently you are making a name for yourselves with a reputation of being easy to work with, competitively priced, and collaborative to help solve problems and work together to serve customers the best we can.  Even though you all are further away from the job site than several other Service Providers, we wanted to award the job to you.  Thank you for working with our pricing, even though it is a bit of a distance. 


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