Just a note to say things are going great here.  Bruce, Tom, Tommy and Matt are killing this job.  Superior is working out well and a nice group of guys who know what they're doing.

 Next time mix in a few slackers (though you don't have any working for you) to slow things down just a little.Everyone at our branch office has been very complimentary of the work you've done in the current office to keep them up and working.  Wait until they see what's been done in the new office.

TKO called 30 min ago... they were ahead of schedule and asked if they could come early. WOW it was a gift from heaven. They arrived in record time, did the flex move, dismantled cubicles and off they are as it type time. I just want you to know, and if you could pass this along to TKO. Their staff are awesome. Pleasant, helpful, asked if there was anything else and I'm coming in early on Monday (7 a.m.) to meet them here and they will reinstall.


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