The Ultimate Checklist for a Smooth Office Move in the Winter: Turn Key Operations' Tips for Rochester, NY Businesses

Published November 12th, 2023 by Turn Key Operations Staff

Winter office relocations in Rochester, NY, present unique challenges. But with careful planning and the expertise of Turn Key Operations, your move can be as smooth as a freshly plowed road. Here's the ultimate checklist to ensure your winter move goes off without a hitch:

1. Start Early:

Given the shorter daylight hours during winter, it's essential to kick off the move in the early morning. This ensures you maximize daylight and avoid the challenges that come with nighttime moves.

2. Monitor Weather Forecasts:

Keep a close eye on the Rochester weather forecast. If there's a major storm on the horizon, consider rescheduling. If not, prepare for typical winter conditions.

3. Clear Snow and Ice:

Ensure that walkways at both the old and new offices are cleared of snow and ice on moving day. This not only speeds up the process but also ensures the safety of everyone involved.

4. Protect Your Interiors:

Winter weather means wet and muddy boots. Lay down protective plastic or mats in both locations to prevent slips and falls and keep your floors clean.

5. Keep Utilities Running:

It's essential to have heat, light, and electricity during the move. Ensure utilities are operational at both sites until the move is entirely complete.

6. Pack for Winter:

Use waterproof packing materials for essential items, and ensure that electronic equipment is securely wrapped to prevent exposure to the cold, which can damage them.

7. Dress Appropriately:

Everyone involved in the move should wear layers to keep warm, along with gloves and hats. Remember, it's easier to remove layers if you're too warm than to add them if you're too cold.

8. Have a Hot Drink Station:

Set up a hot drink station with tea, coffee, and hot chocolate to keep everyone warm and hydrated.

9. Stay Informed with Turn Key Operations:

Stay in touch with your Turn Key Operations coordinator. They'll provide expert advice tailored to Rochester's unique winter conditions and any challenges that might arise.

10. Double-Check Access Points:

Ensure doors, gates, and other access points at the new office location aren't blocked by snow or ice, and that they can be easily opened and secured.

11. Winter Vehicle Maintenance:

Ensure that all vehicles used in the move are winter-ready, with antifreeze, good tire tread, and working heaters.

12. Create a Winter Emergency Kit:

Include items like extra warm clothing, blankets, flashlights, batteries, a first-aid kit, and some non-perishable food items.

13. Have Backup Plans:

Winter is unpredictable. Have backup plans in place in case of vehicle breakdowns, road closures, or other unforeseen challenges.

14. Celebrate the Move:

Once you've settled into your new office, take a moment to celebrate with your team. You've successfully navigated a winter move in Rochester, NY, and that's no small feat!

In conclusion, while winter moves come with their own set of challenges, a well-prepared checklist and the expertise of Turn Key Operations can make it an efficient and even enjoyable process. With the right precautions, your Rochester business can settle into its new home in no time, ready to kick off a productive season.

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